Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Manual

Project: Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Manual for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

2018 Merit Award for Communications

Presented to Cheryl Corson Design LLC

A 2010 federal mandate putting the Chesapeake Bay on a “pollution diet” revolutionized landscape architecture practice in this vast watershed. Green infrastructure proliferated regionally, but it’s an open secret that landscape maintenance lags behind. The Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Manual for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed created by Cheryl Corson Design takes that on directly. It serves as the primary text for the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) program, a voluntary certification now in its second year, training a cadre of landscape maintenance contractors. This manual addresses topics well beyond the typical ‘how-to’ of rain garden care, such as understanding design intent, historic property considerations, and the regulatory environment. Congratulations to 2018 Merit Award Winners, Cheryl Corson Design, for their achievements in the Communications and Research field! An Interview with Cheryl Corson about the Importance of Maintenance here:

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