Coolidge High School Garden Legacy Award

The Potomac Chapter ASLA was awarded ASLA’s 2010 Community Service Honor Award for their work on the Calvin Coolidge High School Garden, Greenhouse, and Guide.

The Community Service Honor Award “recognizes an individual landscape architect, group of landscape architects, landscape architecture firms, landscape architecture education programs, or ASLA Chapters who have provided sustained, pro bono service to the community demonstrating sound principles or values of landscape architecture.”

This award was possible through the generosity of chapter members who donated their skills, time and talents and because of the extremely positive response of the vendors who generously donated their goods to the project effort, allowing the large garden to be designed and installed at his garden in partnership with the Coolidge Alumni Society and the ACE mentoring program. The garden has been largely sustained by efforts led by the Coolidge Alumni Society and has touched hundreds of other corporate volunteers, as well as the students who have been engaged with the garden over the past six years.

The Potomac Chapter ASLA and the local chapter of the Landscape Contractors Association recently held a work day at Coolidge to clean up the garden.

You can learn more about the garden history on YouTube:


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