WAAC Student ASLA / Potomac Chapter ASLA Mentor Chain Guidelines

What is it?

The WAAC/Potomac ASLA Mentor Chain is a mentoring program that provides student-to-student and professional-to-student learning and support from the beginning of a student’s academic career on into professional life. The program is open to all WAAC MLA students.

In its first year (2017-2018), the program pilot covered 2 full mentor chains. 2 first-year students were paired with 2 second-year students. These same second-year students were paired with 2 third-year students. These same third-year students were paired with 2 professional members of the Potomac Chapter of ASLA.

Rather than matching new students and professionals with new mentors each year, this program seeks to build longer-term relationships between individuals and the two organizations by retaining mentors and mentees in a continuous ‘chain’ from year to year. If members choose to exit the program or switch chains, accommodations can then be made to fill that link in the chain while the rest remain intact.

The Potomac and Student Chapters will do their best to match the students and mentors who have common interests or experiences.

What is expected of a Professional Mentor?

  1. Get To Know You Meeting
  2. Office Visit
  3. Thesis Mid Term Review
  4. Thesis Final Review

Additional Time Commitments: Mentors are expected to spend a minimum of 3 additional hours engaged in discussion and/or knowledge sharing on subjects mutually agreed to.

Click here for the application to become a professional mentor: POASLA Mentorship application_2019

  • Contact Us

    The Potomac Chapter looks forward to hearing any input or suggestions you may have for ways to continue our progress, or to improve our direction.


  • Meet Us

    All members are welcome at ExComm Meetings, usually held the 2nd Monday of the month. Check out the calendar for the next location and time and take an active role.

  • Join Us

    If you live in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia or Maryland you can CHOOSE to be in the Potomac Chapter.
    First, contact National ASLA.
    Second, specify you want to be associated with Potomac Chapter.
    Third, come out to our next event and introduce yourself.

    We have lots of opportunities to get involved! If you'd like to volunteer as a resource or committee member, email us.